Romano Viazzani




Paris Opera Tango (Vocalise for solos soprano and orchestra) 2021

Swing a left of Waltz Street to Tango Gardens pleas cabby (Tango vals for ensemble) 2019

Barimar in London (aka Barimar a Londra) (tango for ensemble) 2019

Getaway Car (tango nuevo for ensemble) 2019

Terminal Tango (tango nuevo for ensemble) 2019

The Tango Underground (tango nuevo for ensemble) 2019

London Tango (balletfor ensemble and voices) 2018

Lost in Pronunciation (patter song for piano and voice) 2016

A New Start- Another Paris Monday Morning (aka Another London Monday Morning) (song) 2014

The Accordionist (Songs and incidental music for the musical)  (2010)

  •  Overture Parallel Universe
  •  Jacqueline’s Escape (Incidental music)
  •  Get out of my face (song)
  •  I just bought a brand-new dress (song)
  •  Can we take it from the top? (song)
  • Your smile was meant for me (song)
  • A tango for one (song)
  • Dressing up (incidental music)
  • Parallel Universe (song)

Incidental music for Discovery TV/Wilderness Productions Ltd series Where Miracles Happen 2004

Gigi Stok Fantasia (composition/medley/orchestration for three accordions and orchestra)

Inno di Mameli (Italian National Anthem – arrangement/orchestration for full orchestra) 2001

Valceno – Concerto for Accordion and Orchestra (concerto) 2000-2001

Inno agli Internati (Chorale) 2000

A New Era Dawns (short theme)1999

Gallery (piece for Artem website)1999

A Perfect Carry-on (big band piece) 1998

Spaghetti Connemara (for ensemble and duet for accordion and clarinet) 1997

Impossible Emissions (short theme) 1997

Airport (short theme) 1996

Barryesque (short theme) 1996

Latest Developement (short theme) 1996

Going Places  (song – vocal trio and ensemble) 1995

Let Me Know (song – vocal trio and ensemble) 1995

Separation  (song -voice and piano, also voice and ensemble) 1994

What you do to me (song – voice and ensemble) 1994

Let me know  (song – vocal trio and ensemble) 1994

Corbieres & Croissants (accordion solo and piece for ensemble) 1993

Incidental music to Not Forgotten (Straightline/Channel 4) 1992

Songs and music for the musical Another London Sunday Morning 1991

  • Not much to ask for (song)
  • Sweet Revenge (song)
  • Flight 103 (song – choral septet)
  • Reality (song)
  • My World (duet)
  • The Betrayal (song)
  • The Search (choral song with incidental music)

 Reality -Finale (Incidental music and choral)

Tangology (Tango for ensemble) 1991

Living in a Dreamworld (song for soloist, backing vocals and ensemble) 1990

Cinema Verité (song) 1990

Baba Bossa (accordion solo)(aka When you’re lonely song for soloist, backing vocals and ensemble) 1990

5 Songs and overture for the musical Down the Hill – 1988

  • Overture
  • Quanto ricordo quei bei monti/Bells of London
  • The Midas Touch
  • I can feel the raindrops on my face but the sun’s in my heart
  • Who cares? I’m in Love
  • Down the Hill

Incidental music to documentary (Double Exposure/BBC2) Stranger at the Gate 1988

Dancing in the Moonlight (aka Ballo al Chiar di Luna) (Waltz for ensemble) – 1987


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