We’re on a holiday – David Vaughan (2015)

David Vaughan - We're on a holiday CD Cover

A delightful album featuring singer-songwriter David Vaughan’s fabulous music which is the perfect travel companion whether your destination is the Scottish Highlands or the Italian Alps there’s something for you in this album. The accordion gets into all sorts of ensembles these days fulfilling a variety of roles. Whilst David Vaughan’s voice is undoubtedly coming from the world of Rock his own songs have a variety of influences and the album title We’re on a holiday is very apt as the album sometimes evokes urban Buenos Aires and sometimes the Italian countryside.  There are Jazz and Tango influences and Classical and Folk too, and even Hot Club de France influence in the satirical Please Mr. Mitchell, a song about the MP Andrew Mitchell.  David has created his very own style which thankfully, is not easily pigeon-holed into any pre-set musical genre which was a necessary evil in the days when you went to your local record shop to buy records and would immediately go to the to the Classical, Jazz or Pop sections of the store.  Vaughan arranges all his own music and stretches his musicians into roles they are not always cast in. The accordion sometimes makes its own voice heard and other times it echoes the clarinet often working as part of a woodwind section with it as well as often providing a rhythm section role too. The result is utterly charming and unique.  Romano Viazzani is often the putty holding everything together in this ensemble.


1) Please Mr Mitchell

2) Rise to your feet

3) The King and I

4) Your dream is my dream

5) My religion

6) The sea

7) Miss Italia

8) Interlude

9) The day you came to me

10) In Spring

11) Neon in the city

12) One add one

13) We’re on a holiday

14) Epilogue

The Ensemble

David Vaughan (vocals/trumpet/piano/Spanish guitar/Scottish wasboard)

Daniel Broncano (clarinets)

Romano Viazzani (Accordion)

Tom Hewins (double bass/tuba)

Jason Reeve (Drums)

Rosanna Ter-Berg (flute/piccolo)

Maria Fiore Mazzarini (violin)

Stefano D’Ermenegildo (violin)

Cameron Campbell (vila)

Tom Wraith (cello)

Tim Manning (hammer dulcimer)



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14 March 2023