London Tango – The Romano Viazzani Ensemble (2020)

London Tango CD Cover Photoshop Romano Viazzani

A selection of Argentine, traditional and, original tangos with a swinging London twist played by The Romano Viazzani Ensemble. The ensemble first saw light of day in 2009 with concerts in Scotland and Italy but was shelved for a few years due to it’s leader’s commitments to other cabaret and theatre projects. In 2016 the perfect opportunity arose to breathe new life into the ensemble. Late in 2019 the ensemble went into the recording studio to record their debut album London Tango, a heady mixture of traditional Argentine and European tangos, the music of Astor Piazzolla, non-tango music given the tango treatment and 8 new compositions, two by Mario Fulgoni and 6 by Romano Viazzani.

1) LONDON TANGO (Ballet) (Romano Viazzani)
      Commissioned by Marisa Moruzzi Jackson
2) THE TANGO UNDERGROUND (Romano Viazzani)
3) LIBERTANGO (Astor Piazzolla -Transcr/arr. John Bailey)
4) CHIQUILIN DE BACHIN (Astor Piazzolla -arr. Jonathan Preiss)
    (Romano Viazzani) (Tango-Waltz) Commissioned by Richard Kandler
6) JORGE (Mario Fulgoni)
7) YO SOY MARIA (Astor Piazzolla)
8) CANARO EN PARIS (Juan Scarpino/Alejandro Caldarella)
9) BARIMAR A LONDRA (Barimar in London) (Barimar/Romano Viazzani)
      Commissioned by Rita Viazzani
10) NATURE BOY (Ballet) (Eden Abhez – arr. Romano Viazzani)
11) TANGO ITALIANO (Bruno Pallesi / Luciano Beretta / Walter Malgoni)
12) SCHERZO (Mario Fulgoni)
13) ESCUALO (Astor Piazzolla)
14) GETAWAY CAR (Romano Viazzani) Commissioned by Andrea Pontremoli
15) TERMINAL TANGO (Romano Viazzani)
Total running time:         61’51

John Bailey – Piano | Barbara Dziewiecka-Data – Violin
Nick Pini – Double Bass | Jonathan Preiss – Guitar
Joanna Strand – Singer | Jacqui Tate – Singer
Romano Viazzani – Accordion .

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